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A picture is worth a thousand words
Designing your website is by far the most important stage in creating your online presence. A key factor in site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is bounce rate. Bounce rate is a measurement of site attractiveness. It means how many people have visited your site and decided to leave it at the same moment. The key parameter to lower the site’s bounce rate is appealing, interesting eye catching design.
There is no second chance to make the first impression
Every site is build to serve a purpose, the site’s design should be the vehicle to serve that purpose. In our modern rapid data exploding world, people’s most valuable resource is time. Combine the aforementioned statement with the fact that people’s patience is extremely low and you’ll understand that your site must be as simple and functional as possible. The best example for that successful methodology is Google, a single text box with an option to do what the visitor came to do – SEARCH.
You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle
Our world has become a world of images, when a potential customer of yours finally lands on your site, what he sees is the image of your business, your vision and your creativity. Try to analyze the virtual world using real world tools. Your site is actually the window shop of your business in the virtual world. The way your site looks is the way the customer sees your business.
Is that so? You have spent a lot of time and effort designing, building, promoting your site and when the prospected customer arrives, the door is closed… One of the greatest things about online presence is that it is always there. Your duty as the owner of that online presence is to make sure your hosting solution is the correct one and that it is always up and available.

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